Flash components don’t work in Flash Player 6+

Although the movie doesn’t appear to contain anything that doesn’t work in Flash 6.x when I export to Flash 7 my components don’t work in Flash 6.x.

It took me a while to realise that you have to export the movie as Flash 6+ – Annoying because CSS doesn’t work in Flash 6. Still my components are working now, which is the main thing..

Bugged by empty keyframes!

I don’t know about you but I get bugged by empty keyframes in Flash. I often catch myself wasting valuable development time selecting stretches of timeline and clearing empty keyframes.

I suspect that I’m an obsessive compulsive.

Anyway I’ve stumbled upon a delightful cure for my neurosis.

It works in CS3 – simply select a layer and run the command! Hurray!


Flash vectors to InDesign

The problem being this – when a complex Flash Vector is imported into Illustrator the objects are sometimes broken up into horizontal pieces, aligned perfectly editable and selectable etc. Unfortunately these pieces can show up in printed output. Not ideal.

Export the graphic out of Flash with an .ai extension and import it into Corel Draw – then export out again as an .ai file – import into Illustrator and copy and paste it into the InDesign document.
It’s still not perfect – but it will vastly improve the situation.