Seamless Flash audio loops.

Here’s a tricky little issue that I’m sure a few of you Flashers have come across on your travels.

Problem: You have an audio loop, like a clock ticking. You produce a perfect loop in your sound editor of choice and export it out as an MP3. You then import the sound onto your timeline in Flash and no matter what you do, you can’t get it to loop properly. It’s as if Flash has somehow added a fraction of a second of silence to the start and end of the sound clip, making it impossible to loop seamlessly.

Solution: Export a wave file instead of an MP3 – Not sure why, but MP3s behave differently to wave files in Flash. Wave files loop perfectly. Don’t worry about compression because there’s an MP3 compression option inside Flash anyway, so you still get the compression benefits that the MP3 format has to offer without the loop problems. Loop perfection!



thank you so much for your solution. That worked! and you saved my ass on this banner project.

Sac Hermes Homme

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Any idea how to do loop seamlessly with a SWF movie like a fading slideshow? I’m having problems trying to get it not to jump to cut to a white or black screen at the end when looping.



Sorry about the delay replying

If I understand you correctly there are a great many ways to accomplish your desired effect. Personally, I’d make sure you have gotoAndPlay(1); on your final frame and that this frame looks identical to the first frame of your movie. That way you can manage a pleasant tween leading up to the final frame and seamlessly loop back to frame 1 without a join.

Hope that helps. Thanks for commenting!

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