Joomla! Install: Display Errors: On / Off

This one always catches me out and I find myself looking up the same thing time and time again. So for future reference I thought I’d make a note.

When you install Joomla there’s an setting check that lists any problems with your set-up that may effect the running of Joomla! In my case (both on 1&1 AND on MediaTemple) the Recommended Settings have flagged Display Errors as “On” when it should be set to “Off” – The solution is pretty simple.

Open the htaccess.txt file installed with Joomla! add:

php_flag display_errors “0”

save it to your server and rename it .htaccess

VoilĂ !



Thanks a lot for this fix. i already renamed the htaccess.txt to .htaccess in my document root folder but the php_flag line was missing. Thanks again.


This wont work anymore. 500 Errors at least on php 5.4+
Creating a php.ini file is required for syntax display_errors = off and place it in the root folder for the domain.
For 1and1 .htaccess make sure
#Options +FollowSymLinks is commented out and
RewriteBase / is not.

Ive succesfully hosted hundreds of domains with 1and1 and theyb have their perculiarities on shared hosting, never really a big issue.

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