A blagger’s guide to multimedia goes public!

After a while of adding the odd article here and there whenever I could I’ve finally got this site to a level that I think is worth visiting more than once.

So I’ve check the box that allows search engines to index it, and look forward to my first visitor. Is it you?

The page design is a bit rubbish, I really do intend to spend a little more time making it look special but that’s not the point. It’s the content that matters.

I’m not a trained graphic designer or developer. I never went to University or studied life drawing in Florence. I’m a regular bloke from Manchester, England with a background in Marketing who after not some considerable time and effort managed to blag his way into a career as a full-time employed multimedia web graphic designer, developer jack-of-all trades and master of everything. Well not quite.
The aim of this blog is to encourage people following a similar path to me, to keep going and to share a few observations and crumbs of wisdom picked up along the way.