This Medea Award nominated learning application, was designed to help the hard of hearing gain access to the broadcasting profession. It allows the potential applicant to practice their English language skills within a mock-broadcasting environment. The application uses hundreds of videos in multiple languages to guide the student through a variety of tasks and tests. From arriving at the office, ringing the doorbell and loggin in the your virtual desktop computer the visitor is immersed in a virtual world, where they experience first hand the demands of working within a busy production department.
Involvment: A fourteen month development cycle, from initial concepts, information architecture, Flash design, AS3 development using the Gaia Framework, XML, PHP and MySQL. User account management and version testing.


Vdotcom Website

These successful specialists in Information Technology and Audio Visual solutions integration were aware that in order to compete in a highly competitive market they needed to stand out from the crowd. It was felt that the existing website was too corporate to convey the exciting products and services that Vdotcom had to offer. By employing 3D renderings, video widgets and a variety of colourful elements throughout the site, we were able to transform Vdotcom’s online identity. We also implemented a content management system to enable the client to easily blog and post special offers.
Involvement: Concept, Design, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Flash, HTML5, Perch CMS.

Canterbury NZ

The popular New Zealand sportswear manufacturer wanted an interactive “web-shop”, where visitors could browse the collection, explore a variety of interactive elements such as antique globes, rugby balls, magazines, sewing machines and mirrors.


This multi-million pound electronics company wanted an interactive, up-dateable presentation tool with multi-lingual support. Using Flash, AS3, XML and Greensock the tool went through a number of successful iterations, including a version with multi-lingual support for ten languages.

World Walks For Water

A deceptively complex interactive animation which allows users to select an avatar and add their voice / support to an annual campaign to raise awareness of the world’s current water and sanitation crisis. The animation features 359,161 unique avatars walking / carrying water in a steady progress across the screen.

Flash, AS3, Keyframe animation


This intro is all that remains of an interactive eLearning application based on a Mission Impossible theme. The user is asked a myriad of questions which in turn enable “Agent Jones” to climb a cliff face in order to rendezvous with a Helicopter rescue.

Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Sky – Customer Centres

As Multimedia Manager at SMRS my involvement in the production of this media rich recriuitment website stretched from the initial creative process through to video production and post production.

Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Combustion, Motion and HTML


This recruitment site for the high street clothing retail Next won an RBA Creative Award for Best Website and a Drum Award for best recruitment website in 2009. While the current site looks very different from the site as it was launched in 2009 it still retains many of the Flash elements and design decisions made during my time.

Flash, AS2, After Effects, Video production and post production.


This Flash site, was designed, animated and coded purely as an experiment is Flash development, all the motion was hand scripted, before the days of Tweener, Fuse or Greensock.