Colour in Photoshop CS3

How come colours look all washed out when I save for web on my MacBook Pro?

The answer is slightly more convoluted than I would have expected from a brilliant application like Photoshop – it’s all to do with colour profiles, gamma settings and monitor calibration. ‘Good grief’ I hear you cry. Fear not as I leap to your ‘save for web’ rescue.

Firstly download a brilliant shareware application called. SuperCal?
Use the sliders to match the colours and set the brightness etc. It will create a brand new colour profile, try it as many times as your like until you’re satisfied.

One thing to note is set the Gamma on your monitor to 2,2 and your colour space to sRGB – the reason for this is simple – it makes your mac monitor behave more like the monitors that your end user would use to view web content. PC windows.

Note: You’ll be in for a shock when your monitor is calibrated it’s like looking at the world after spending weeks looking through yellow tinted glasses.

Trust me it works! Unfortunately you may have to adjust some of your photoshop layers that were designed using a dodgy colour profile, but you’ll quickly get used to the more vibrant colours. That Dreamweaver icon never looked so green.