I’m fairly new to XML in Flash and certainly have a lot to learn about best practices. I’ve recently been hand editing some pretty massive XML files in various languages. These XML files are single line documents with no line breaks – this makes editing them a real headache.

I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could open the XML up in an editor and have it rendered on screen in a more visually pleasing way ? similar to the way Firefox renders a single line XML document with collapsable nodes. Well I finally managed to download the perfect tool.

XMLmind! Hurray.

Simply download the Freeware editor and set the Preferrences. Preferrences>Save> uncheck all the radio buttons relating to indenting and formatting. Open your document, edit and save off.

Also note if you didn’t know already that line breaks in the middle of node names do not show up as new nodes (especially important in Flash).

For example, instead of :

<menu1>menu1</menu1> <menu2> menu2</menu2>

how about..





> etc…

Much easier to read but still only one line as far as Flash is concerned.

Download XMLmind here: