ZINC – bitmap mask problem solution

When using bitmaps to mask projectors in Zinc on OSX – bitmaps created on a Mac don’t load into the Zinc application – Zinc grays them out so making it impossible to export a masked projector.

Save a 24 bit .bmp file from Photoshop
Transfer the file to Windows
Open it.
Save it.
Transfer the bitmap back onto the Mac
Zinc should now pick it up okay in Finder.

Zinc .exe won’t autolaunch

Boy this one got me in all kinds of trouble.
The problem is this – you develop your Flash CS3 Zinc application and everything works fine – you burn it to disk and it throws up all kinds of error messages when you auto launch.
The solution is this – save your application out of CS3 as Flash 8 – open it in Flash 8 and re-export it again. I run Zinc on Parallels running on a macBook Pro so I don’t know if anyone else has ever had this problem. Hope the tip helps!